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The One Camera and the One Lens You Need for Travel Photography


A man walks down the steps of Buda Castle at night, Budapest, Hungary. Shot with a Sony Nex7 and a Zeiss Biogon M 28mm lens. (42mm equivalent.) Photo ©Mike Randolph

A reader of my recent post, How Much Gear Should You Take on Your Next Trip? left a comment, and asked a doozy of a question: “So assuming you want serious pics and are happy to carry one body and one lens which lens would you pack knowing you want a good mix of landscapes, wildlife and travel portraits?” (Thanks for the question, Ian.)

First, the camera. I would take a mirrorless camera to save space and weight. I use a Sony Nex7. The autofocus is terrible but I never use it anyway. I use mostly manual focus lenses and set the peaking to red on the ‘medium’ setting, and I also use the focus magnify feature. I’ve gotten very used to this setup and Continue Reading →