Just Shoot It


Forget, for a second, that the Bell 212 helicopter weighs 6,000 kilos empty. Yeah, that’s heavy, and it would hurt a lot of it fell on top of you (albeit briefly). Also forget that the Bell 212 hovering above your head is not empty, or it better not be, because it needs fuel to run on and that adds a lot of weight, too. Don’t ask me how much because I don’t know, and besides, it really doesn’t matter because at some point long before 6,000 kilos it’s irrelevant anyway. Continue Reading →


Don’t Try This at Home

worst assignments

This Nikon magazine ad came out in the 1980’s.┬áMy friend Joe and I wanted our Nikons to look just like that. But we were in high school and didn’t get very many assignments to shoot in The Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma (where our hero, the owner of the F3, was apparently off to–after he finishes the generously poured scotch). So we took matters into our own hands. We bashed our precious Nikons on Continue Reading →


When the Fastest Autofocus Isn’t Fast Enough

horse race

Sometimes, even if you’ve got the fastest autofocus camera/lens combination in existence, manual focus is the better option. The above shot is a good example. Even though I shot this image on a Canon 5D–definitely not the world’s fastest–I would have still used manual focus for this shot no matter what camera I had with me.

This is the finish line of an amateur horse race in Laredo, Spain. It was a prelude for a race with million-dollar English thoroughbreds and Continue Reading →